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Spanish into English document translation

I translate Spanish writing into clear English using natural, native expression, while maintaining the technical accuracy of scientific terms. I keep my clients’ information and documents strictly confidential.

Editing non-native English scientific writing

If you feel comfortable writing in English, but need an expert editor to get your work up to publishable standards, I’m here to help. Don’t let awkward expressions or simple language mistakes keep your grant application from being accepted or stop your brilliant research from getting published.

Specialized in scientific translation

I specialize in science and technology, including:
- Agriculture and related disciplines
- Natural sciences
- Genetics and biotechnology
- Biology and chemistry


Rates vary depending on the size and content of your documents, the format of your files, and your deadline. I charge a per-Spanish-word rate for translations and a project-specific flat rate for editing.


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Phone: +1.509.629.2924 (WhatsApp)

Hablo español


I work in Walla Walla, Washington, in the U.S.A.

(Pacific Time Zone)

Paul Froese

About Paul Froese

I want to grow the impact and expand the readership of your research and other vital communications in the English language.


With a bachelor's degree in agricultural biotechnology, a master's degree and research experience in genetics and crop science, and time spent living and working in Latin America, I meld a scientist’s knowledge with a linguist’s passion for clear communication.


If you need a well-written, technically accurate Spanish to English translation, or an editor for non-native English writing, let’s get in touch (contact info above).


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